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(Recently I changed Kens power, so forget the syringes in his hoodie and breath power. I didn't want to feel like I was copying Kokeiden, very sorry for that!)
    Exiting the tavern, the unlikely pair walked the streets. Sedna had left her glass and bottle of fermentae, which still was practically full, but why bring it up? Wasn't Kens money, wasn't his problem. "Still...I woulda drank it..." he thought to himself. "So, Sedna...where we goin'?" Ken asked, placing his hands behind his head and continuing to follow his 'teacher' as he strecthed his spine and chest. Sedna either ignored him, or didn't hear him. Whatever the case was, Ken grunted and cleared his throat. "Sedna. Where are we going?" he asked louder. She glanced over her shoulder, seeming to glare at him. "Somewhere private so I can see your power. Now shut your mouth, idiot." she rasped.
   Since using powers was highly illegal, it honestly would be for the best to show off his skills in private. CCA would be on their asses in a heartbeat if they did it in public. The various civilians didn't seem to notice the odd pair, and why would they? They looked calm and casual like the rest. "Odd...surprised nobody is hitting on Sedna, or trying to get her scroll screen name." Ken thought, moving his hands into his pockets. He watched her walk, slightly following her swaying hips with his eyes. For being someone who was probably stuck up, she had a nice body. Something Ken didn't mind.
    Soon, Sedna rounded a corner to an alley which was decorated in multiple types of trash and debries, as well as some graffiti. Despite there being trash cans, many failed too place their discarded items in the silver bins. Sedna stopped and halted Ken abruptley by putting her hand up, not looking back. She glanced, ensuring their privacy.
    "Okay, little punk. Show me what you can do." she said, making it more of a serious comment than an open, welcoming one. With a grin, Ken pulled his hands out and locked his fingers, pushing his hands out with a pop, he stepped past her, setting his eyes on a trash can. He rolled his arms, shooting Sedna a sly grin. She rasied a brow and rolled her hand, signaling for him to hurry up.
    Ken's electric, green halo appeared in an instant, as well as a small ball in the palm of his left hand, which sparked and seemed to spit out small sparks angrily and it began to grow until it was about the size of a fruit. As if it was a ball for a sporting event, Ken stepped forward and let his body follow through with a quick toss. The ball met it's target in the blink of an eye. A green explosion seemed to demolish the bin, leaving a smoldering, oranged rimmed hole in the bin. As bits of burnt trash began to rain gracefully, Ken wheeled around on one foot and rasied his shoulders in a way that seemed to say, "Oops" His expression matched it.
    Sedna looked from the mess to Ken, and then back again. "Hmpf...well, you have a decent power and hold on it, I'll give you that. But, you're a show off." she commented, Ken bunched his fists and stuck a finger up at her. "Don't ridicule me, bitch!" he snapped at the expressionless woman. She glanced at his finger and crossed her arms. "And a hot head." she added, not intimidated by the young male.
"Fine, Miss. Perfect. What can you do?" Ken demanded, matching Senda body language by crossing his arms as well. Sedna nodded in agreement and unfolded her arms. She calmly let her halo light up, a yellow-oranigsh shade. With a glare, she locked eyes with Ken, and soon let her power take effect.
    His blinking was useless as his vision began too blur and look like ripples in the water. The multiple colors of paint from the graffiti seemed to mix in a khalidoscope style. His stomach felt like it was being twisted tighter and tighter. It made him want too vomit. Trying to back off, Ken felt as if he was walking backwards, slowly and recklessly but atleast he was backing up. Soon, he fell to his knees and heard a clicking noise.
    "...And this is the part where most people have a gaping hole where their face used to be..." Sedna explained, letting her halo power down. Ken blinked a few times to regain his vision and soon realized what the click was. A springer was now placed against his nose. He gasped and got back, expecting a shot to go off. "Relax. I'm not going to blow your brains out...or atleast I don't plan on it." she reassured, putting the small springer in the holster hidden in her boot.
    The springer was smaller than most he was used to seeing. This one could be held in one hand. One black barrel lied directly under it's clone. The handle of the springer seemed to be engraved in some covered design.  When loaded, it would snap open to allow the user to slip more rounds into the chamber.
"Get up" Sedna ordered, surprisngly offering her hand. Taking it, Ken was pulled up to the woman. "Spirits...your power is halucinary. So I'm taking it you make your opponet hallucinate then move in and blast 'em? Isn't that a bit unfair?" Ken asked. Sedna smirked, pleased with his knowledge and critque on her tactics.
    "Yes, but I can only get one in and it's hard to get perfect eye contact." she answered. She motioned for him to follow. "By the way. Her name is Catherine." she added, meaning her weapon. Ken nodded and pulled his knife from it's sheath, presenting the blade. "His name is...knife" Ken tried to joke, Sedna chuckled and took "Knife" inspecting it.
"Hm...not bad. Light, sharp and three deadly edges. Good choice..." she complemented, tossing the knife back. Ken cauhgt it and twirled it between his fingers, then placed in it's sheath. "For a hot head." she added, smircking. Ken rolled his eyes and continued to follow, shaking his head.
    "So...You're after those orphans right?" Sedna inquiered. Nodding, Ken began to dig for his note. "Yep. I even got a special note asking to do so." he explained triumphantly, presenting the letter. Sedna took it and began too read, occasionally looking up from his letter, she mouthed the writing and soon began to giggle, then laugh. "H-here, heheahahaha! T-they think y-you're s-s-some badass kiler!" she said weakly giving the paper back.
    Ken shoved the note back in his pocket and tried to hide his embarrased blush. She was right. He had never done anything bad, other than pulling his knife on a few people and busting that goat boy's nose on his knee. He wanted to get into a good fight, so maybe he could become the bounty hunter he dreamed of. Sedna could help him with this, despite her being on his ass constantly.
"Soon, the day will come" Ken thought as he followed Sedna in silence. "I'm comin' for you Vi...and don't think I forgot about you, Bobby"
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