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    "Well...Now that we have that settled, I suggest we split up for the time being." Sedna suggested, crossing her arms before her chest, then shifting her weight from one side to the other, popping her hip out. Ken nodded in agreement and buried his hands in the pockets of his hoodie, looking around their discrete location, then let his eyes fall upon Sedna once again. Sedna raised her brows,  impatiently signaling for him to speak. 
    "We'll keep in touch...?" Ken hinted, elongating his vowels too  assist his questioning. Sedna blinked, having been taken by surprise by his question. It was something she hadn't considered, but despite it being a simple question, it stumped her. "Don't use it often, but I do have a scroll. Do you?" she asked. Ken nodded once again "I rarely use mine, but my screen name is zapyerass." Ken said, smirking at his "sly" pun. Sedna rolled her eyes and turned to walk towards the street, then stopped. The silence was deafening. Stepping up beside her, Ken cleared his throat. "What's your-" his sentence was cut short by Sedna, cupping her hand over his mouth and putting a finger to her own, indication for him to be silent.

    Once he nodded, she pointed quickly to a man walking past and removed her hand, then as she continued to walk; she lowered her back and glanced back for a moment. "Keep low, keep close. This guy is a believed to be a Torika operative. Though it may be rumor, you can still get some interrogation experience." she said lowly.
    Rounding the side of the closest building, Sedna quickly scanned the crowd, letting the target get a decent distance away, ensuring they could follow without drawing attention. She stood and stepped out into the crowd, leading Ken along. The blended in once again, looking like a couple or friends going for a simple walk. Sedna needed it that way. Though Ken was new to this, she could lead him along perfectly. A young mind that she could craft into her own piece of art. She could each him the ropes and show him what possible future jobs could be like. Even how to get a buyer to ask for them again and again.

    The streets were dying out of people, all getting off their lunch breaks or heading inside due to the growing gusts of cold air. An occasional strong gust picked up dirt and seemed to fling it at unprotected eyes. Each small grain was like a petite blade that danced on the eyes of its target, leaving the tedious burning and stinging sensation. The wind chill made the slightly warm day seem colder, and less enjoyable.
     Ken looked from Sedna to the target, then back between them once more, finally focusing on the calm man. "What's his occupation, name, anything." Ken stated. "Good question, Shock. By the way, 'Shock' will be your name for secrecy from now on. Helps when people like you, foolishly, get witnessed. I wouldn't make that mistake, because I've done this job for roughly five years." she added and bluntly put it, not seeming to care the harshness of her statement or pride.
    "His name is Drama Tikolov. A librarian that to others seems oddly secretive. He always has his face buried in a book. Some have felt like he was watching them. So if we interrogate him, we can either do everyone a favor and scare a creep, or find a Torika agent. Either one has it's benefits." she explained. Ken took a mental note of Drama's quick information.
The calm pursuit lead them toward a lonely library, completely free of life. Before entering, Sedna stopped and grunted when Ken tried to continue onward. Seizing the hood of his jacket, she jerked him back, and nearly off balance. He gritted his teeth and pointed a finger up at her "Don't break my fu-" he began, but was silenced by a fleshy smack. The smack being Sedna's hand against his furry cheek. Shuttering, he placed his own hand on the burning area, it stung and felt almost tender. "Don't blow this, moron. We only have one chance. Once we get in, get the hell away from me. Do not look at me or even dare try too engage in a conversation. Or Spirits help me, the CCA will have a hard time picking your brains from his." Sedna warned coldly, entering the building before Ken could make a comment, as he still rubbed his burning skin.
 "...The hell?" Ken asked himself softly, then shook his head followed her in after a moment. As he entered, the wolf gave him a broad smile and nod. "Greetings! Welcome! Let me know if there is anything I can look for you." he said, probably having given Sedna the same greeting. "Will do, thanks!" Ken answered, giving his best attempt at a friendly remark. He headed for the closest aisle, he glanced up at the sign on the edge of the bookshelf. A paper sign that read "Horror" in bold letters.

    Sedna was somewhere in the bowels of the library, waiting to notice Ken and give him a nod to talk too the bookkeeper. She must've hurried in rather quickly, seeing that she was already gone. To further the effect of a blending in, Ken took random books from the shelf, read their summaries and then slipped them back into place.
    Soon, their interrogation would start, and it would be the beginning of his training.
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