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    Walking the streets once again, Ken stretched and yawned. The information the orphan gave him was close to none, which most would get annoyed about and ignore the information. Ken viewed it as a small step in the right direction, any shred of information would be preferable. He somewhat wondered how he knew, and slightly wondered if that little punk, scammer had given him the wrong directions. "No. Little shit knows better." he assured himself.
    Soon his stroll was halted, his eyes widening in shock. He blinked and slapped his forehead with his hand and held it there while he shook his head. "I have no CLUE what they look like! The media never shut up and I got annoyed before there were any descriptions. SPIRITS!" he grumbled, dragging his hand down his face and over his mask. He glanced around, making sure nobody was watching his sudden face palm. Nobody noticed. He stood up straight and looked for anywhere to go and look for more tips. Upon looking around, he noticed what may be useful. A small bar where few people entered. His curiosity, and boredom would be cured by going inside.

    The sound of both large scrolls on separate walls blared along side the music. Multiple patrons talked, drank or played either darts or pool. The smell of alcohol lingered from mugs and bottles. One scroll played some game that several patrons were far to involved in, screaming and cursing at the players that would never hear their angered threats of physical abuse. Why yell at the scroll? Not like it could do anything about the stupid ass sport.
    The other scroll played the latest news bulletin played, once again reading word about the Orphans, the viscounts kids and some other guy in their group. Hurrying closer to the scroll on the wall, Ken stopped beside a canine, near his own age. Ken intensively watched, trying to study the location, getting a slight idea of where they were now. "...Were last seen in these caverns, after the orphans and the new unknown suspect had arrived on a boat. The suspected killers are still considered armed and dan-" the scroll flipped to the same sports channel from the other scroll.
    "Change it back, Mutt!" Ken yelled, looking to the bartender who blinked in surprise, being unable to speak due to the sudden shout. The bartender pointed over to the canine who smirked, shaking the remote smugly. "My name is Beta, kitty" the cyan canine asked. "Turn it back on...and I won't cut your throat open." Ken warned. Smirking the canine shook his head, then began his childish game by simply saying "Make me".
    Lurching forward slightly, Ken seized the canines shirt and flung him from the bar stool and to the floor. Beta sprung to his feet and readied for battle, bringing up both fists and covering his face, watching Ken move from one foot to the other. Beta struck first, sending a punch into his left shoulder; the force staggered Ken who retaliated by sending an elbow flying, and missing from the poor timing. Trying to catch his balance, Ken barley noticed Beta's knee as it made contact with his stomach, knocking the wind out of him.
    Beta was far more surprising in battle than Ken had thought. He was fast and could pack a punch. Utilizing the best of his small window of time to fight back, Ken locked an arm around Betas neck and sent a fast jab at his side. Once again, Beta landed another hit, this time slamming the back of a hand into Kens mask, though it shielded the blow, the shock from the blow made his skull rattle, causing him to let go  once again.
    Noticing others were watching, Ken lets his halo light up, showing off it's electric green light. Beta noticed it and smiled fiendishly. "Heh...nice halo" he complemented, smugly as his own blue halo lit up. Before the fight could take a turn for the worse, the bartender cleared her throat. "Don't even think about it. I'll have both your sorry asses thrown out." she warned coldly. Needing to get more information, Ken let his halo fade away, Beta did the same, returning to his bar stool and his drink. Ken shook his head and looked for somewhere far enough away from the punk, but where he could listen for a news cast. His search fell upon a lonely woman at a table, who waved him over.
    Approaching the mysterious woman,  Ken was greeted by the crack of the small shot glass being slammed to the table. The woman's weasel/badger features were now more noticeable. As he sat down, she poured another glass of fermentae, he could notice her fur color was more weasel, but the dark brown stripes on her eyes matched a badgers. She wore black, tight pants with red stripes on the side, a purple vest that hid a white T-shirt underneath. Her hair was straight and a light grey. Despite her hair, she was possibly in her late twenties or early thirties.
   She looked him over, then grabbed the bottle beside her and poured herself another drink, slamming it she finally gave him eye contact. Her purple eyes seemed to cut right into his soul. "Your fighting tactics are very flawed. You fight like a child." she insulted. Ken curled his mouth up in annoyance. "Seriously? I have better shit to do then get insulted. I..." he began to object, trailing off when she put her hand up, silencing him. "You got mad about the orphans. Why" she pointed out. Ken rolling his eyes and, placing is elbow on the table, held his head up on a fist and then spoke, "I'm a bounty hunter and I've been hired to kill the boys and get the viscounts brats back to him...why do you ask?"
    The woman folded her hands before her and cleared her throat "My name is Sedna Carter. Expert in bounty hunting. You need to learn how to fight. You seem to have potential, but attacking like a loose canon will get you killed. I'll be willing to help you by training you. You will pay me after all four are taken care of. The profit will be split 75/25." she stated, dully and then offered her hand. Ken blinked, shocked by her proposition. He winced then shook his head. "W-what the fuck? NO! I'll get the raw end!" he objected. Sedna blinked and shoved her hand outward again.
    "You can take a bad deal once and be a feared bounty hunter, or leave this bar now and get yourself killed. Your call." she pointed out. Ken glared at her hand, then at her cold expression. His cheeky grin grew back under his mask as he took her hand in his and shook firmly. "You drive a hard bargain. Fine, fine. deal." he agreed, letting go. With a curious gleam in his eyes, he chuckled.
"Where do we begin?"
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