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(This happened else where during the last chapter)
    Simon yawned, and took a deep, agitated breath, The one person he thought he could trick into unlocking the cage was smarter than he looked. “Stupid cat…” he thought. The school was going to be empty soon, free of those hypocritical demon lovers, free of the clueless brats. He could have the time to think of a way out. Maybe he could call for his mistress. She had left quickly, maybe she went to get reinforcements? Good. If they could out number these idiots, they could have on helluva feast! Simon looked out the nearby window and watched the oranges skies as the slowly began to darken.
    Once again, he was going to try again, maybe Venganza would hear him, or at least get him out, Wasn’t much he could d, since he was locked in. He let out another whining howl, anyone nearby the school would have jumped in fright. Now, all he could do was wait for his lovely mistress’s response. “Come on, Mistress…get me the hell outta here…” he thought. Soon, his pleading was answered.
Vangassa appeared like she had disappeared the few weeks before. “Finally…” he said, standing up. She smiled and began to work with the lock, a sly grin on her face. “Oh, I apologize darling, but I was coming up with a plan.” she said, breaking the lock and letting her loyal servant free. “What plan?” Simon asked, tilting his head in an evil curiosity. “We can talk about it later, once we’re safe.” she said, taking Simon with her as she vanished. (I know it’s kinda odd, just give it a chance. Please)
    The pair soon sat, recollecting what happened prior. “…when we get this scheme to work, you can have anybody’s blood you desire. I want the insect and the vermin.” she explained, lying on her side. “Hehe, that’s fine by me…I just want that pretty boy, Fabian….and this little kitty cat. Little freak saw I was tricking him…I want him to scream. Venganza raised an eyebrow,  intrigued  by  Simon’s  desire and choice of victims. “Well, that fox will put up a fight. The feline will probably be much easier to attack. She said, starting to plan out their attack, both contemplating who they’d target and leave the others to the other vampires…

    The next morning at the academy, was greeted with a sense of uncertainty. The faculty, need to try their best to not worry students. The students wouldn’t know what happened, most may brush it off as a superintendent was going to be on campus, so a majority would keep an eye out for anyone that looked different, if they were at ease, which helped the faculty.
    “How in tarnashin’ did that ratty coyote get free? He was locked up.” Carrie asked, leaning again the wall of the office. The only other ones in the room with her were Zechariah, Cameron and Fabian. They were all curious about Simons escape as she was. Zechariah looked the cage over, inspecting it closely. “Hmm…He didn’t break out. Perhaps he was let out?” he offered. “Yes, but who would allow him freedom?” Fabian questioned. Zechariah thought for a moment, unsure of who. “Maybe that queenie vampire.” Carrie tried.
Nobody spoke, but they knew that maybe the only logical explanation. Being no broken windows or signs of forced entry. “We’ll just have to hope that they have no desire of returning, and if they do, we will have to be ready.” Zechariah confirmed.  Once again, everyone agreed in silence. “Miss. Cameron, if it gets out, do you think you could help students cope?” he asked, turning to the young woman that sat in a chair, bewildered at the news. She nodded, slowly and shivered nervously.  Zechariah spoke again, “Good. Ok, lets keep quiet about this until we can be sure we’re safe.”

    Kayla stood at her locker, chatting with Vanxea, who either ignored her, or listened. It was hard to tell. “Anything new with you?” she asked, smiling at her silent locker neighbor. Vanxea looked at her and held up a book, a science fiction this time. “I got another book.” she said a bit dully.  Kayla looked at the cover and nodded, smiling. She closed her locker and turned around to see Ken walking up quickly. His eyes, as usual, wide and alert.
    “Morning Ken, what’s going on?” she asked. “I’m sorry about the other day….I-I just don’t like the feeling of being sheltered. S-sorry it was you I blew up on.” he said, apologizing for his previous actions. Kayla waved her hand forward, grinning. “Oh please, I wasn’t mad at all Ken. I understand why you got upset. I’m not mad, and either is Zill.” she said warmly. His outburst hadn’t honestly bothered her, mostly surprised her.
    Ken took a sigh of relief and nodded. ‘That’s great…thanks Kayla.” he said. He turned to look at Vanxea, who had already departed from the group, reading her book again. Kayla began walking as well, Ken walking along side her. “so, have you finally relaxed here?” she asked, peaking over. Ken shook his head. “N-not fully….s-still a bit nervous. G-give me some time and I’ll get better. I mean you’re not scary but…thereareotherpeopleherethatareutterlyterrifyingnottomentionthevampireattackearlier.” he said, starting to ramble.
    “Hey babe. Hi there Jumpy” Zill called out, approaching with Jack beside him. Kayla excitedly hugged her unique boyfriend, giggling as he kissed her. “Hi Ken. How are you?” Jack asked, stepping closer. Ken winced before speaking. “I-I’m okay. You?” he answered, then asked. He was still nervous around Jack, like most at the school were. “I’m alright.” he responded, watching Kayla and Zill talk sweetly.
“H-how long have they been together?” Ken asked softly. “About three years now. They hooked up in freshman year. Zill always had a thing for her, but he never went for her. Didn’t think she’d be interested.” Jack explained. Nodding, Ken looked at Jack for a moment. “So who are you with..?” he asked. Jack sighed. “I uh…the girl I like’s name is Jill…but she met this guy she works with and…uh…” he began to say, this being a touch subject. Ken took notice and nodded, ‘Oh…m-my bad!”
    The pair stayed silent, until Jack spoke up again. “You?” he asked. Ken shook his head quickly. “n-nobody…ever actually. D-don’t even know my sexuality…wasthattoomuchinformation…no…right? Imean you didaskbutIfiguredyouwantedapersonsname hehhe oh god I’m rambling again!” he answered, Ken sighed and groaned. “It’s fine…you okay?” Jack asked, taking notice to Kens odd response. Ken nodded and stepped back, staring to back up. “I just ramble, I do it when I’m nervous…I uh…I gotta go.” he said, turning and running off, dodging others and soon disappearing around a corner.
    “Is he okay?” Zill asked, taking notice as Ken fled. Jack nodded and peered down, noticing a small brown journal. “He must’ve dropped his notes.” he said, picking up the small book. Looking it over, he thought perhaps a quick check would be a great way of knowing what they were for. He flipped it open and tilted his head, then began thumbing through. “Wow…” he said, as he flipped the pages. “That was his journal from the other day, I’ve noticed he has it all the time. Something bad in it?” Kayla commented, stepping over to Jack and glancing at the book. Even Zill took a gander, all three were surprised by the contents.
    Each page had an image of some form of plant life, a few birds and more bestial animals. Possibly the best in the book was between a rose, each petal was shaded in various areas to give it the needed depth. Though it was black and grey, it seemed to have an odd look of realism . The other best sketch was the fish of peace, now almost completed, his last step was to work on the scales of the three spirits.
“So that’s what he has in there. Huh..” Zill said, a bit surprised at the odd felines drawings. “ I got third hour with him, I’ll give it to him then.” he added. Jack nodded and handed the small journal over. “I think he hid it so quick because he’s shy about it.” Jack suggested, thinking of Kens secrecy with the book.
    Zill nodded, looking at the cover again. “He shouldn’t, he’s got talent.” Kayla said, mostly to herself. As the bell rang, the students hurried to their classes, departing from friends, acting as if they’d never see them again.
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