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    Once again, Jackie’s class watched in silence as one of the students for this years talent show worked on her performance, the performer was Kayla, who sang her own song. She sang pretty well, with a few students helping her out, the song came together well. Jackie had her do the song once before, this time she encouraged her to try it once again. Probably liking the song.
Ken stood at the balcony, working with the stage lights. Although there were students that had helped before, he was strictly for the stage. He watched her, smiling softly as he leaned on a fist. He didn’t realize Damian, until the small demon spoke. “Don’t even try, kitty. She likes Zill only. Believe me. I tried…” he said, a bit annoyed about the fact. Ken stayed silent and stepped back cautiously. “W-well maybe because you’re kinda um…c-creepy?” Ken tried, letting his words slip.
Damian turned to him and stared, a bit surprised when the feline flailed and covered his face. “Please! I’m sorry!” he yelped. “Dude, calm down. Are you that paranoid?” Damian asked, curious about his sudden defensive movement. Ken nodded, still keeping his distance. “Y-yea…I just see tons of things negatively and worry about going insane….c-constantly!” Ken began. “Seriously? What makes you so scared?” Damian once again questioned. “Well…t-talking to the spawn of Satan is a big thing.”  Ken answered.
    Shaking his head, chuckling, Damian smiled a bit. “I’m not that bad kitty. I can be actually pretty nice, I just like having fun. You really need to get out and explore this place. You’ll like it!” he said. Ken shrugged and smiled nervously. Putting his arm around Ken’s shoulders and pulling him close, he chuckled softly again. “I swear…you could be Jackster long lost brother.” he joked. Wiggling loose, Ken pushed him back gently. “I-I’m an only child…a-and he’s a jackal…I-I’m a cat.” he objected softly.
    “Learn to take a joke, kitty. I’m just teasing ya.” the short demon said. They stood in silence again, watching Sahara perform, as well as twin girls. They all seemed to have talent to Ken, who had returned to adjusting the lights and tinkering with them. Damian only watched the unusual feline work.
    “Got any talents, kitty?” he asked, not looking over. Ken shrugged again and then spoke. “n-no…” he lied, knowing his sketching was one, and his decency with playing the violin, He kept silent about that one, He had tried a few instruments, but seemed to like the violin the most. “You’re lying!” Damian replied in a sing song voice. “You can tell me, I won’t say anything.” Damian continued, trying to get anything from Ken.
“I uh…I play the violin” he said, biting his tongue. “Really now?” Damian intrigued. Ken nodded, unsure of how to react.
“Ya any good?”
“I-in a way. I never played for any before.”
“You should. At least let someone hear you”
Their conversation continued until Jack peaked around the corner. “Ken. Jackie wants you to go to the other balcony.” he said. Ken nodded, taking a wide step past Damian, he past Jack and descended down the ladder that was built on the wall. “We’re you bothering him, Dame?” Jack asked, already a bit annoyed by his cousin. “As if! I was just asking him if there was anyone he liked.” Damian said defensively. “He’s new…just leave him alone for awhile.” Jack said, starting to go down the ladder.
    Damian shook his head, staying up in the balcony, watching Kayla leave the stage as another act went on. He stayed silent and switched his gaze between the other act and Ken, adjusting the other lights size to match the other. He continued to pull on the levers and check it. Once they were identical, he climbed back down and walked over to the seats, talking quietly to Jackie. She nodded and seemed to grin and clap.

    “I think Dame is annoying Ken. He’s paranoid enough without Damian making it worse.” Jack mumbled to Zill and Kayla after awhile, having been back for a few minutes. “Damian’s like that to everyone, bro. Jumpy’s smart enough to stay back. You should know Damian the most to know what he’s like.” Zill said. They all stood in silence, as Ken walked past, mumbling unintelligibly to himself.  He kept walking closer until he stopped at storage room door.
    “Need some help there Jumpy?” Zill asked, watching him stand at the door and stay still Zill cleared his throat, but Ken didn’t respond. Zill raised an eyebrow curiously as he continued to curiously watch him, looking like he was high on something. Zill reached out and gently tapped the felines tiny shoulder, speaking again. “Kendsley?” He was a bit worried about his sudden dead like state.
    Ken flailed and gasped at Zill’s gentle tap. He soot on one foot and covered his face and chest mostly. Eyes wide in surprise, Zill stepped back, dodging the flailing limbs. He brought his hands up cautiously and went from a leaning to an up right posture. “Easy, easy…you okay? You seemed to be spaced out.” he commented, unsure of what Kens problem was, now worried that he may actually be on something.
    Ken blinked and crossed his arms, hugging himself. “Oh hell…u-uh…on top of my phobias, I tend to ‘space out‘…hehe…it’s a habit.” Ken stammered, eyes darting back and forth nervously. “What do you exactly do when that happens?” Jack piped up, peaking past Zill. “Oh…you know…not crazy stuff?” Ken tried, cracking an uneasy smile. “Well…more specifically…I think I’m not in the place I’m physically in, at the time. I w-was thinking about being at a concert, I-if you wanted the truth. It helps me cope….” Ken admitted, then looking down he sighed. “Dear god that sounds crazy…”
    The three exchanged looks of concern, staying silent until Kayla spoke. “It’s not crazy Ken, you're okay for doing that.” she said, hoping that it’d cheer him up. “I-I appreciate the comment Kayla but…I’m sorry…but I’m not everyone’s little brother…o-okay? You don’t have to shield me…” Ken said, seeming more angry than upset. Zill, narrowing his eyes a bit angrily stepped up. “Back of, Ken.” he warned coldly. Ken blinked, realizing his hostility. “oh! I’m so sorry! I-I just am tired of being sheltered from the unbeatable. I-if I do finally go crazy, t-then so be it. Constantly checking your back and not trusting to many people can mentally effect you…” Ken replied, shaking.
    Nobody spoke now, just stood there in awkward silence. Ken sighed and walked away as the bell rang. He picked his stuff up from a seat and hurried off, staying silent, but mentally, he screamed.
“She was so nice to you!”
“Zill could kill you”
    His own thoughts began to upset him even more as he walked to his locker. Quickly undoing the lock he pulled the door open and grabbed a paper bag, then began to breath in and out. Hyperventilating once again. He groaned and shut the door, resting his head against the cool metal. “Stop…stop…stop…” he thought softly. Feeling eyes on him, he stood up straight and tossed the bag in, then closed his locker door. He wiped a tear away and walked quickly to the last class of the day.
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